The board of Directors has been working tirelessly to improve the fishing for all our members, and judging by some of the emails and phone calls I receive the majority of members are happy.
Attached on the back of your renewal form is another questionnaire, please take the time to fill it out as it helps us with some of our decisions for future improvements.

One of the biggest things this year was the tree work on Heron lake, the membership voted to cut it right back so we did, this has proved to be the right decision, coupled with the fact we purchased 3 brand new aerators and double dosed it with Siltex in the Spring and Autumn (thanks to Charlie Ball and Tony Foster for organising) we have had no oxygen problems whatsoever. This meant we could purchase some fish to go in and in November we stocked 10 C5 Carp ranging from 15lbs to 17lbs and also some specimen roach a feeding program will be put in place to help these fish grow.
Kingfisher has had two applications of Siltex and the water quality is nearly perfect, we have introduced some more specimen roach, small bream, tench, and crucian carp as well as chub and Ide, its fished fantastic all winter and will only improve as the weather gets better, the mouth damage on some of the carp has been more prominent and the board are taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen, please use more appropriate tackle, a 3lb test curve rod and 15lb mainline is not suitable for this lake.

Palisade fencing has been purchased for the boundary adjacent to the houses, this will be erected by contractors in due course when the weather improves, a storage container has also been purchased to keep tools secure, we have also purchased 10 C5 carp ranging from 15lbs to 19lbs also some specimen roach and tench, a feeding program will be introduced to help these fish prosper. Many damaged and dangerous trees were removed this year also so the site has been a bit of a mess but will hopefully improve when the weather gets better.

The date we have decided to open the fishery is 16th June 2017, many of you went to the open weekend we had last may bank holiday, the place was very well received and a lot of people left happy, massive changes have occurred, the access in from the road and the car parking has been improved pathways have been laid all the way around new lake and old island lake, fishing stations have been built, there are 13 pegs on old island lake and 19 on new lake, both have been stocked with tench, ide, bream, big roach and crucians, old island lake will mainly be a silverfish lake and new lake will have the existing carp that were in there plus some C4 carp that we stocked. A storage container for tools and feed has also been purchased.

We now have a fully functioning website, please take a look, members will be able to fill a membership form online and pay via online banking if they wish, we will still be using our facebook page Isle of Wight Freshwater Angling Company.

Congratulations to Eric Hayles who many of you know from Heron lake (he virtually lives there) back in May he decided to fish minnow and landed a chub of 2lb 14oz which smashes Dave Yates previous record of 2lb.

Our financial director Barbara Bennett say that members wishing to pay their subscriptions via online banking can now do so,
Sort code 54-10-34 Account number 14270757
Existing members can use their membership number as reference, new members must put their surname and postcode, this would be the boards preferred method to save on bank charges.

In last years questionnaire we asked if members were in favour of compulsory work parties, 75% of members voted yes, there will we light duties for older members and disabled members will be exempt unless they want to help out, please fill in questionnaire for your availability, more will be explained in the newsletter that comes with your new membership card in May.

Members at the 2016 AGM voted on a proposal from Neil Walker that all members fees would go up by £10.00 this year, Juniors would be free providing the are related to an existing member, the vote was unanimous and was carried.

AGM 2017
Will be held on Wednesday 5th April 2017 at Newport football club 8pm start
1. Elect a chairperson for meeting to commence
2. Approval of 2016 Minutes
2a. Annual statement to the membership
3. Receive Accounts Yearly Report
4. Amendments to company Articles/Bylaws
5. Review of subscriptions/day tickets
6. Work Parties
7. Election of Directors
8. Question and Answers from the floor, this gives members the opportunity to ask the directors anything and everything involved with the day to day running of the club (no voting can take place on any matters raised, but will be put on the agenda for future board meetings)

Sadly we have lost a couple of members this year, George Beecher from Godshill, and Brian Barrett from Seaview, both were characters on the bank and will be sadly missed.

Tight Lines for 2017