Main points from the 2018 AGM

  1. That within the articles that “Any Other Business” be added to the agenda for the AGM . 1 against 0 abstentions  91 in favour. PASSED.
  2. Clause C needs to be added the word “SALE”. PASSED unanimously
  3. Club rule 14 to be amended to increase the age of juniors from 12 to 16. PASSED unanimously
  4. To add that juniors members aged 16 yrs to pay the fee of £25. PASSED unanimously.
  5. Rule 22 that guests be allowed on our waters at Holliers lakes. Members are also responsible for the actions of their guests. No overnight fishing with a guest. PASSED unanimously.
  6. New rule that Members MUST turn left when exiting the holliers site onto the sandown/newport road. 1 against 0 abstentions 91 passed.
  7. It was proposed by the Board that the membership and Day tickets prices should be frozen for the forthcoming year. Carried unanimously. 
  8. The meeting was informed that the present Board was willing to stand again with the new members and these are as follows P Yearsley, L Kemp, B Bennett, C Bennett, G Kemp, J Bailey, D Potter, B Manser, L Baldwin, B Stean, S Froment, T Hawkins, S Penman and J Arnold, the meeting was also informed that 3 new applications (Mr Croft, Mr Langdon and Mr Bennetts) had been received for Board Members. The Board was re-elected unanimously.
  9. The system for work parties with a £15 deduction has not worked so the board have decided to with draw this system for the forthcoming year. Carried unanimously.
  1. A statement from  the board re the situation with the Somerton reservoir that included some outcomes was given to the members to read and also read out by the Chair. A discussion about the outcomes ensued and members questioned the guest solicitor about possible consequences and actions. All the board at the present time wished to walk away from the possible overage.The meeting after much discussion decided that the recommendation to the board from the membership was that we would walk away from the overage and allow Mr Lavell to take on all the dealings with the IW council and Southern water. This would be the end to all our dealings and obligations with Mr Lavell over his purchase of the Somerton site. Proposed by Alan Wyte sec Dan Saunders Proposal carried.
  2. Some members made a suggestion that we have a PA system for our next meeting.Seats at the front were offered to those who could not hear
  3. With membership cards forms for data protection to be returned to the secretary.
  4. After 4 times of asking any more questions a member proposed a round of applause for thanks to the board.
  5. Question asked about looking for land informed we have enough to manage at this present time.
  6. Question asked how far have we got with Gunville planning told we are waiting for reports.
  7. Honorary memberships were to be removed because of the high number of recipients and life memberships were to remain. Any honorary member could appeal their case if they so wished and the board would make a decision on this matter. Much discussion took place on this subject.