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 The Company

The Company was formed from the IWFAA on 23rd May 2014 and is dedicated to progress fishing and improve facilities for the Island. Currently owning three lakes, we aim to improve facilities across the island and create havens for those passionate about fishing.
With regular fishing matches, meetings, coaching days and events held throughout the year, anglers who like a good social side to their fishing are well catered for. We also have many members who enjoy their fishing in quiet tranquility, away from the masses, for whom the abundance of off the beaten track places to fish are plentiful.
There is a wealth of fishing for both coarse and game anglers alike; the Club’s waters providing a wide and varied choice of venues to fish and species to fish for. The aim of the Club is to provide high quality and affordable fishing, whatever your preferences.

Directors & Board Members

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Membership/Financial Director

Barbara Bennett

Director & Bailiff

Derek Potter

Board Member

Colin Bennett

Board Member

Graham Kemp

Chairperson/Minute Taker

Paul Yearsley

Board Member

Len Baldwin

Phil Harrison-Smith

Bailiff - Holliers

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1. The Company will not be held responsible for the actions of its members.

2. Members must not discard litter, fishing line, hooks or unused bait on properties owned or rented by the Company.

3. The discharging of any dangerous weapon (excluding bait catapults) is forbidden unless the Directors give written approval.

4. Proof of membership of the company shall be shown to other members and bailiffs on request, once membership of the requester/bailiff has been established.

5. There shall be no fishing on Company controlled Rivers during the coarse fishing close season.

6. The Directors written approval shall be required to permanently add or remove fish from any Company waters.

7. Every member shall own a suitable landing net and be responsible for the safe handling and return of all fish.

8. No Carp, Tench or Bream shall be kept in keep nets except at Company competitions, the use of Carp sacks is forbidden on all Company waters.

9. Keep nets shall have a minimum length of 3 metres and a diameter of 45 centimetres at all rings. When in use at least 1 metre shall be in the water. All nets must conform to legal requirements.

10. No dogs on Company property.

11. No member shall use the following methods or tackle on Company owned or controlled waters.

a .No more than 3 rods per angler.

b. No more than one hook per rod except for pike fishing

c. No fixed method feeders, paternoster rigs or tether rigs.

d. No triple hooks except for Pike fishing.

e. No live fish baits.

f. No barbed hooks (except whisker or micro barb).

g. Boilies may be used on all Company waters.

h. All Braid mainlines are banned on all club waters, braid hook lengths are not banned.

12. Bailiffs, Company Officers and Directors shall have the authority to advise members who use unsuitable equipment.

13. Company awards shall not leave the island.

14. Junior members shall not fish any Company waters after dark unless accompanied by an adult or senior member. An adult or senior member must accompany children under 12 years old at all times on Company property.

15. All tins (luncheon meat, sweetcorn, etc.) are not allowed on company waters

16. A valid Environment agency rod licence must be held by all members before commencing to fish. If fishing 3 rods the correct licence must be held.

17. In the event of a member leaving their swim temporarily, then hooks shall be removed from the water and any bait removed from the hook.

18. All members when fishing Heron Lake must have ready for use an unhooking mat and landing net of minimum 32 inches wide, and a carp care kit.

19. No unauthorised use of manned boats on any Company waters.

20. All users of bait boats must have written permission from the Secretary before use.

21. All vehicles must be parked in designated spaces provided and under no circumstances be driven around the Company waters.

22. Members are not permitted to have open fires on Company waters unless during a working party for the destruction of materials gathered during that party.

23. All fish over 4 to 5 inches long must be landed using a landing net

1. Only Company members will be allowed to enter the competitions except for the annual open competition which will be open to all.

2. The Match Secretary will have the right to :-

a. Adjust the start and finish times on the day provided that the start times are not changed without proper prior notice.

b. Have the right to cancel, postpone or shorten the competitions as he sees fit.

c. Allow any competitor to change a peg, if that peg is deemed unfishable.

d. Peg the river Yar at his discretion.

e. Allow, but only in exceptional circumstances, assistance to an angler to land a fish, and then only to the extent of handling a landing net.

f. Appoint a deputy prior to the competition, if he is unable to attend himself.

g. Settle disputes between competitors regarding swims, the match secretary`s ruling will be final.

3. No floating baits, dead baits or lures, bait-boats or fish detectors will be used during any competition.
Only one rod and reel or pole to be used at any one time, although other rigs and rods may be made up ready. The use of a pole cup to feed is not allowed if using a rod and reel.

4. All Carp will be placed in a Carp only keep net, on no account will Carp over 1lb and silverfish be placed in the same keep net.

5. All freshwater fish species with the exception of Pike will count in the competitions, unless otherwise stated previously before the start.

6. All competitors will have 15 minutes at the end of a match to land fish caught during the competition.

7. The Angler must declare “Fish On” at the finish signal.

8. Ground baiting or loose feeding is not allowed prior to the start signal.

9. Plumbing the depth before the start signal is allowed.

10. The draw for all competitions will be one hour before the start signal. The completion will always start and finish on the times stated.

11. All competitors are to remain at their swims for the weigh in. Unattended keep nets will not be weighed in.

12. In the event of a competitor leaving their swim temporarily all hooks are to be removed from the water and any bait removed.

The Match secretary shall have the right to disqualify any angler in breach of match rules for that day, and their decision shall be final.

Company Waters.

Holliers,  Branstone,  Sandown

Gunville Lake, Gunville Road, Carisbrooke.

Kingfisher Lake, Heron Lake, Minnow Lake,

Behind Little Budbridge Farm, East Lane, Merstone.

River on the Eastern Yar :-

Upstream to the small pump house at Yarbridge may be fished all the open season.

Downstream from the road bridge to the first cattle ditch fishing to commence July 15th until October 30th in each year as per the agreement with the RSPB. Members only NO DAY TICKETS.

The left hand bank upstream of the footbridge at the old mill at Alverstone to the stile near the old railway track.

The right hand bank downstream at Adgestone from Longwood road bridge, past the caravan park until the river divides at the cut and continues to Morton Common.

There are occasions when there is little point in reporting pollution direct to the Environment Agency but all members are encouraged to inform one of the Company’s Directors of any pollution.

On the other hand, if any member sees any evidence of what they consider to be serious pollution – numbers of dead fish, chemical smells or any unusual water condition, especially on the River Yar above the Burnt House abstraction point, they should inform the environment agency immediately. Anyone spotting pollution, poaching, flooding or any sign of damage to the water environment can ring 0800 807060 free of charge at any hour for assistance. The Board ask that a Director also be informed and the Company will refund any reasonable “out of pocket” expenses so incurred.


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