Isle of Wight Freshwater Angling Company Ltd Rules/Bye-Laws

Updated 13/03/2024

The Company will not accept any aggressive or intolerant behaviour towards other
members, guests, or Company Officers. The rules listed below will be reviewed and
revised when necessary. Any person breaking these rules or being aggressive or
intolerant with any other member will potentially face disciplinary action. All members
or persons visiting on any of our sites do so at their own risk and are responsible for
their own safety. Remember, you must take particular care as there may be uneven
ground, general hazards, soft ground and slippery conditions, wildlife [including
adders] and deep water on all our sites. The disciplinary procedures are listed on our

1. The Company will not be held responsible for the actions of its members, any
of their guests or any unauthorised persons on Company lakes.

2. Entrance gates must be locked on all Company sites. The code number for
gate locks must not be disclosed to any 3rd party without the written authority
of the Board or Company Secretary.You must lock the gate behind you when
entering and leaving the company sites. If on opening the gate to the venue
there is another vehicle behind you, please do not assume they are members.
Please check they know the gate code before allowing them to follow you.

3. Proof of membership must be produced if requested by a bailiff who should
show his I.D. card at the time. A member is entitled to see the bailiff’s proof of
authority before complying. Bailiff’s can access the company membership
records via their smartphones, electronic media, or other printed record to
confirm a member’s details.

4. Speed limit of 10mph on all Company’s sites. All vehicles must park in the designated car parks on the company’s sites.

5. A valid Environmental Agency rod license appropriate to the number of rods
used must be held by all members and authorized guests, and must be shown
if requested by a Bailiff or Company official.

6. Junior members must be supervised by a responsible adult [who is a full
member], on all Company sites who shall remain responsible for ensuring
their appropriate behaviour and adherence to the rules, by-laws and any
instructions from Bailiff, Company Directors, and the Company Secretary.

7. For reasons of safeguarding, any junior under 16 fishing ( as a member or a
family member) must fish either on the same or adjacent peg to the
responsible adult member during daylight hours. If fishing overnight then they
must fish on same peg as the adult member. The adult member is responsible
for the health and safety of the junior at all times, and the Company will not be
held responsible if this ruling is not followed.

8. The possession or taking of illegal substances or being under the influence of
recreational drugs or alcohol is not permitted, nor loud radios, fires, swimming
or anti-social behaviour on Company sites.

9. Use of barbeques is restricted to gas powered ones only – no solid fuel or
disposable barbeques are allowed on any Company site

10. Discarding of litter on Company sites is not permitted. You must ensure all
litter is disposed of at home. Disciplinary action will be instigated against any
member found discarding litter.

11. No dogs are allowed on the company sites unless written permission from the
Board is held and is subject to review.

12. There will be no transferring of fish between any waters and removal of fish
off site is strictly prohibited, unless approved by the Board of Directors.

13. No unauthorised use of manned boats on all company waters.

14. The use of bait boats is permitted on Heron and Gunville Lake only, but must
be used responsibly, and not interfere with other anglers.

15. Nets, keepnets, weigh slings and unhooking mats must be dipped in the
disinfectant receptacle provided, prior to commencing your session,
regardless of whether pleasure or match angling. Fishing is not allowed under
any circumstances until AFTER these items have been dipped.

16. Fishing is only allowed from designated swims on any of our lakes. No fishing
allowed in the stock ponds at Holliers.

17. When fishing a swim, you may fish as far as half the distance between your
peg and the peg on either side [not the next angler].
Some pegs have [usually white] marker posts on the island. For the sake of
clarity, you must ensure you stay within those boundaries. [If fishing a
competition, you will be disqualified from the match if you breach this rule.

18. Where anglers are fishing on opposite banks [i.e. not to an island], the limit of
your swim is a line midway between each bank.

19. All anglers must ensure that their swim always has a landing net and
unhooking mat available on their peg. A maximum of 3 rods may be fished on
any peg [subject to an appropriate E.A. Licenses being held]

20. From time to time a temporary restriction may be introduced allowing 1 rod
only per peg. This is for reason of fish welfare when, for instance, Lily pad
growth is extremely prolific. This will be signed at the venue affected.

21. If the same swim or peg is shared [e.g., by friends or family members] a
MAXIMUM total of 3 rods can be fished on the swim/peg. No more than 3
rods may be fished on a swim at any time, but users may share a landing net
and unhooking mat on that peg. If a double peg is being shared by friends or
family members, then each peg must always have its own landing net and
unhooking mat available.

22. Keepnets are only allowed on scheduled company matches. Please see
match rules for more information.

23. Unhooking mats must be always readily available.

24. No fish to be retained for excessive periods of time. It is considered
reasonable to allow time to sort out scales, camera and wetting of unhooking
mat and sling. You must return your catch promptly, and only one fish out of
the water at any one time.

25. You must never stand when handling a fish for a photo. Keep the fish as low
as possible and above a padded unhooking mat.

26. All members when fishing Heron Lake and Gunville Lake must have a 42-inch
landing net set up and available for use, and an unhooking mat suitable for
large Carp and Pike.

27. Lakes scheduled for Sunday or Thursday evening competitions will be closed
to all non-competitors, from 07:00 to 17:00 on Sunday and from 16:30 on
Thursdays. Other lakes at the venue may continue to be fished during these

28. Micro barbed or barbless hooks must be used, and only one hook per rod,
except when fishing for pike. Barbless treble hooks are permitted when lure

29. Pike and lure fishing is permitted from October 1st to March 31stonly. No live
bait allowed

30. Rods/poles must never be left unattended, and if a swim is vacated rigs must
be removed from the water AND bait removed from the hook. To comply with
‘attended’, anglers must always stay within the designated peg/swim area. For
the sake of clarity, it is confirmed that an adjacent Bivvy [Heron and Gunville
only] is regarded as within the peg area.

31. Remember – You can fish with either rods or a pole BUT only one style
can be in the water at the same time. (ie, An individual cannot fish with
a rod and a pole in the water at the same time)

32. There are no bait restrictions apart from live fish, and all particle baits such as
seeds, nuts, peas and beans must be soaked, well-cooked and used in

33. No braided mainlines to be used, but hook lengths are permitted.

34. The discharging of any weapons (excluding bait catapults) is not permitted.

35. Bailiffs have the authority at any time to check rigs and end tackle to ensure
members are using suitable and safe methods. They are available to offer
advice if rigs are deemed to be unsuitable.

36. Fixed method feeders, paternoster rigs or tether rigs are not permitted. Nor is
the ‘Twig’ rig allowed. Seek advice if not sure if your rig complies by asking
other anglers or a bailiff.

37.There shall be no fishing during the close season on company-controlled
stretches of the river Yar. Close seasons runs from March 15th to June 15th

38. The environmental agency do not allow fishing on the River Yar.

39. Up to three rods are allowed for each member or authorised guest on Heron
Lake and Gunville Lake, provided the appropriate EA licence is held. A
maximum of 3 rods on any peg.
2 rods per member or authorised guest may be used at Kingfisher lake and
Old and New lake at Holliers.( Except where two members or authorised
guests are sharing a peg at Kingfisher Lake and Old and New Lakes at
Holliers, whereas per rule 18, a maximum of three rods between two can be

40. The Holliers venue can only be accessed between 5 am and 10 pm. No
vehicles are allowed on the access lane before or after these times. Kingfisher
lake and Minnow lake can also only be fished from dawn to dusk, Gunville
and Heron lake can be fished at anytime Day or Night. NOTE some swims ar
signed as only available for daylight fishing due to specially identified safety

41. No umbrella spikes, rod rests, bank sticks or bivvy/umbrella guy spikes to be
dug into any stone, wood or tarmac area on any pegs at Merstone or Holliers.

42. Bivvies are only permitted on Heron and Gunville lakes, using the designated
fishing bays. On all other Company lakes only fishing brolly’s, small day
shelters and brolly systems can be used. It is very important that they do not
block access to the paths around the lakes.

43. Guest ticket procedure: No guests are allowed on site unless in receipt of a
valid Guest ticket and each must hold a valid E.A. license if fishing.

• Any member who requests a guest ticket must be present with their guest
on the day of fishing and will be held responsible for the behaviour of their
guest. 2 free guest tickets per full member each club year.
• Guest tickets are only valid from dawn to dusk.
• Guest tickets must be requested by e mail to,
and please allow 48 hours notice before proposed date of fishing.
• Paid guest tickets will not be released until confirmation of payment is
• Payment for Guest tickets must be made online to Isle of Wight Freshwater
Angling Company. Account no 14270757, sort code 54-10-34
Company Secretary will issue an e mail to the member with permission. Member is
required to show the e mail to a bailiff if requested.

44. In the event a member leaves the club during the club year [01 June31 May] either by choice or because of a disciplinary sanction, NO refund
of any membership or joining fee paid will be due. The Board may use its
discretion in the event of serious illness or death of a member.

1. Only Company members will be allowed to enter the competitions except for the annual open competition which will be open to all.

2. The Match Secretary will have the right to :-

a. Adjust the start and finish times on the day provided that the start times are not changed without proper prior notice.

b. Have the right to cancel, postpone or shorten the competitions as they sees fit.

c. Allow any competitor to change a peg, if that peg is deemed unfishable.

d. Peg the river Yar at their discretion.

e. Allow, but only in exceptional circumstances, assistance to an angler to land a fish, and then only to the extent of handling a landing net.

f. Appoint a deputy prior to the competition, if they are unable to attend themselves.

g. Settle disputes between competitors regarding swims, the match secretary`s ruling will be final.

3. No floating baits, dead baits or lures, bait-boats or fish detectors will be used during any competition.

4. Only one rod and reel or pole to be used at any one time, although other rigs and rods may be made up ready. The use of a pole cup to feed is not allowed if using a rod and reel.

5. All Carp will be placed in a Carp only keep net, on no account will Carp over 1lb and silverfish be placed in the same keep net.

6. All freshwater fish species with the exception of Pike will count in the competitions, unless otherwise stated previously before the start.

7. All competitors will have 15 minutes at the end of a match to land fish caught during the competition. The Angler must declare “fish on” at the finish signal.

8. Ground baiting or loose feeding is not allowed prior to the start signal.

9. Plumbing the depth before the start signal is allowed.

10. The draw for all competitions will be one hour before the start signal.

11. All competitors are to remain at their swims for the weigh in. Unattended keep nets will not be weighed in.

12. In the event of a competitor leaving their swim temporarily all hooks are to be removed from the water and any bait removed.

The Match secretary shall have the right to disqualify any angler in breach of match rules for that day, and their decision shall be final.

Company Waters.

Holliers,  Branstone,  Sandown

Gunville Lake, Gunville Road, Carisbrooke.

Kingfisher Lake, Heron Lake, Minnow Lake,

Behind Little Budbridge Farm, East Lane, Merstone.

River on the Eastern Yar :-

Upstream to the small pump house at Yarbridge may be fished all the open season.

Downstream from the road bridge to the first cattle ditch fishing to commence July 15th until October 30th in each year as per the agreement with the RSPB. Members only NO DAY TICKETS.

The left hand bank upstream of the footbridge at the old mill at Alverstone to the stile near the old railway track.

There are occasions when there is little point in reporting pollution direct to the Environment Agency but all members are encouraged to inform one of the Company’s Directors of any pollution.

On the other hand, if any member sees any evidence of what they consider to be serious pollution – numbers of dead fish, chemical smells or any unusual water condition, especially on the River Yar above the Burnt House abstraction point, they should inform the environment agency immediately. Anyone spotting pollution, poaching, flooding or any sign of damage to the water environment can ring 0800 807060 free of charge at any hour for assistance. The Board ask that a Director also be informed and the Company will refund any reasonable “out of pocket” expenses so incurred.