MEMBERS - As a Board we have a duty to protect the assets of the company from exploitation and theft. Some of our larger specimen fish are valuable, and we do not wish non members to be aware of what fish are contained at what venue. For this reason the Board agreed at a meeting on 13/4/2021 that the uploading of videos to internet platforms accessible to the general public that contain images of our stock and the venues that contain them, will not be permitted with immediate effect. This rule is being written into this years membership book. We have no wish to spoil anybody's pleasure at making or watching these videos, but trust that you understand our concerns. We are lucky to have acquired some excellent specimen fish, and we need to keep them safe. Fishing is a legitimate out door recreation for upto 6 people or in larger groups if everyone present is from the same household. Members must adhere the guidelines not gathering in groups - providing social distancing is maintained there will be no requirement to reduce numbers at our sites but the board will be monitoring it and will if necessary make any changes to this - if members adhere to social distancing the board will not need to amend this. Please ensure you carry and use hand sanitiser before and after opening the padlocks/gates, use the dip tanks and the toilets . Match fishing can recommence from 29th March 2021 providing the appropriate steps are taken and a risk assessment is carried out and available for viewing should a request be made. The statutory stay at home guidelines will be lifted but the guidance encourages you to minimise travel outside of your local area. This means avoiding making unnecessary journeys, combining trips and avoiding travelling at peak times where possible. Thought, anglers must also ensure they are in possession of a valid fishing licence, adhere to fisheries bylaws, including the closed season for coarse fishing on rivers.- Please ensure that you fish our sites correctly using the correct rigs Heavy set ups are not required and even though we are in lockdown you may be asked to reel in so that your rigs can be checked. We have seen some damage to our stock and there is no need for this if you fish correctly - there is no shame in asking for advise if you are new and unsure or if you are older and times have moved on - we need to protect our fish stocks. Please remember Board and Bailiffs are volunteers and should be treated with respect at all times. Stay Safe The Board.

The Company was formed from the IWFAA on 23rd May 2014 and is dedicated to progress fishing and improve facilities for the Island. Currently owning three lakes, we aim to improve facilities across the island and create havens for those passionate about fishing.

With regular fishing matches, meetings, coaching days and events held throughout the year, anglers who like a good social side to their fishing are well catered for. We also have many members who enjoy their fishing in quiet tranquility, away from the masses, for whom the abundance of off the beaten track places to fish are plentiful. There is a wealth of fishing for both coarse and game anglers alike; the Club’s waters providing a wide and varied choice of venues to fish and species to fish for. The aim of the Club is to provide high quality and affordable fishing, whatever your preferences.

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