Annual statement to the membership from the
Board of the Isle-of-Wight Angling Company Ltd.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the 2017 Annual general meeting of the Isle-of-Wight Freshwater Angling Company. There is a free drink for all members attending this AGM, at the bar.
This has been a very successful year for the company and we continue to improve facilities for all members across all our sites.
Gunville site.
There has been concerns by some shareholders about the question in the annual survey, about whether we would consider the sale of the whole Gunville site. May I now allay some of these fears. AND I STRESS AT THIS POINT THAT NO ACTION OR DISCUSSION HAS BEEN UNDERTAKEN BY THE BOARD TO SELL THE GUNVILLE LAKE AND ITS CAR PARK.
The Board are always seeking improvements to our facilities and wish to know the feelings of members, who also have opinions on our waters and sites. This was the same when the question was asked about the Somerton site, we had surveys done on the Somerton site and we sought out a replacement fishery before anything was done about selling this site. Now some members have seen the significant improvement in our sites and lakes that have come from the Somerton money, some members have asked the question about the Gunville site. We are at present having a GAP survey undertaken to see if it is feasible to develop the land at the entrance of the Gunville site. The drive will be redirected around the perimeter of the site and as part of the deal, we will hope to have a purpose built toilet block, constructed by the developers. To date this is as far as we have progressed on this issue.
We have purchased a container for storage at the site, stock fish have been successfully introduced, new signage for the site is in place and trees and scrub have been removed. New fencing will be installed by a contractor in May 2017, to make the site secure, this has been purchased and is in the container awaiting installation. Tools have been purchased to allow volunteers to carry on with keeping the site in pristine condition. Thanks from all members, must go to the team who have accomplished these tasks on a voluntary basis. Once again we are progressing with the planning permission for the land at the entrance to the site. In the Budget for 2017 the board has approved monies for the purchase of more fish stocks for this site.
Merstone site.
Work to reduce the number of trees at the Merstone site has taken place, so in the future we will not have too many problems with leaves in the autumn, the leaves can affect the oxygen levels in the lakes, whilst they are decomposing. At times the other problem has been trees falling into the lakes from high winds. Siltexing of all the lakes at Merstone has taken place, twice this year and it is hoped that this will also reduce the silt levels and assist with the oxygen content of the lake water. Fish stocks have been purchased this year and it is hoped the membership will benefit from the better fish stock levels. Several new type Aerators have been purchased and installed to increase oxygen levels and assist in maintaining healthy fish stocks. The Board has approved a further capital sum for the site which will allow for the banks in the north eastern corner of Kingfisher lake to be repaired. We can also inform members that some 200 Ide have been stocked in Kingfisher this being a new species for the club. Also in the 2017 budget will be monies to purchase further fish stocks, make repairs and improvements to the car park, repairs to the entrance gate and new signage for the site, signage has been delivered and is awaiting installation. A secure cupboard will be constructed in the toilet for brushes and chemicals used in the cleaning of the toilet.
Holliers site.

This will be an exciting year for Holliers with the opening day on 16th June 2017, I am sure many members will be looking forward to this day. The work that has been very sympathetically carried out at the site is excellent. The paths around the lakes are looking good and the fishing stages look lovely spots to spend a day. Fish stocks have been purchased and the fish have been placed in Old lake and New lake. The dipping pond is due to be deepened this year and fish stocks will be purchased to ensure members will have good days fishing this other small lake. Aerators and cabling have also been installed to give our fish the best quality water for them to thrive in these lakes. A boat and a small truck, called a mule, have also been purchased for work parties to assist in moving tools and materials around the lakes. Siltexing has also taken place at Holliers to improve the water quality for our fish stocks and reduce silt levels. The driveway and car park are due to be improved before the opening weather permitting. The entrance has had a concrete base to allow a clean swift exit from the site, a turn left only policy when exiting our site, is being considered by the Board, this is for safety reasons only. Signs reminding members of this will be put into place, once the board have made their final decision. Electricity has had to be installed to our site at considerable cost to us and a toilet or temporary toilet will be in place for members use. New signage for the site has been installed along with the memorial plaques from Somerton. It is hoping to enlarge the carpark and put in access for our disabled members this year. A new container for the storage of tools and equipment has been purchased and placed on site. Gates and fences are to be put into a good state of repair along with passing places installed along the drive. Fish will be purchased for the stock lakes to increase our fish stocks for stocking at all our sites. The board plans to breed and bring on our own fish for the future. The stock ponds have had anti-cormorant wires installed to assist in deterring cormorants from having a free meal with our stock fish. Only two lakes at this present time can be fished these being New lake and old lake. It has also been decided to take the initial pressure off the Holliers site on 16th June 2017 that we would open the fishery for members, who only wish to see the complex on the two bank holiday weekends before the 16th June. Dates and times will be posted on the website. STOCKS PONDS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE FISHED BY ANY MEMBER.

The board has commissioned a new website which was projected go live on 31st March before this AGM. Regrettably this date had past because there has been a problem with the Domain access. This has now been overcome and the website is now open for members to view. This is We do hope members will use the new site for information purposes and the board has set a comprehensive speck for the new website, with the contractor.

On the negative side it has been very disappointing with the turnout for work parties but to those of you have attended, I thank you on behalf of all our members.

The Board has decided that Junior members will have a free membership from now on but must be accompanied by a full member when fishing.

Finally may I say that these are going to be exciting times for our company and I for one am looking forward to the future and being part of this success. I would also like to take the time to thank our company secretary for his own personal hard work with his gang, especially at the Holliers site, in this fishery we have another site we can be proud of.

Lets hope the club keeps moving forward for the future for the benefit of us all and those still yet to join. This Board is totally committed to keep improving all our facilties for the benefit and enjoyment of all members in the future.