Annual statement to the membership from the
Board of the Isle-of-Wight Angling Company Ltd.

2018 Annual statement to the shareholders from the Board of the Isle-of-Wight Angling Company.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the 2018 Annual general meeting of the Isle-of-Wight Freshwater Angling Company. There is a free drink for all members at the bar.


The company have found irregularities and what appears to be  fraudulent activity with the Membership Applications and Fraudulent use of company finances. As a result an Investigation has been initiated. It is very early days – We ask please that you do not jump to any conclusions as this may hinder the investigation . The Company are not blaming anyone or discrediting anyone just assisting the police currently. Nothing else regarding this subject will be further discussed at this AGM.

This has been another successful year for the company and we continue to improve facilities for all members across all our sites.

Gunville site.

We are pushing ahead with the companys planning application for the land at the entrance to the Gunville site with tree surveys and soil samples being taken. Our surveyor has informed us that because of the tree roots, our planned number of houses has now had to be adjusted and he is drawing up a plan for the site, to date we do not have any drawings or plans to give members. There is some concern from members about this planning and I once again stress, exactly the same as last year, that the site will NOT BE SOLD UNTIL WE HAVE AN EGM, WITH THE MEMBERSHIP MAKING THE FINAL DECISION AS TO SELL THE LAND OR NOT. This was stressed last year when the members survey was 2 to 1 in favour of selling the whole site. Recent comments on Facebook have caused concern to the board , the board have always made decisions in the best

interests of the company and will continue to do so in the future. The Board are always seeking to make improvements to our facilities and lakes and believe the money raised from any potential sale can improve facilities and lakes for the future of the company. 

New fencing has been installed by a contractor in May 2017, to make the site secure

New fish stocks have not been purchased for this year as when we last stocked some large fish, some of the fish already in the lake died, it was thought by some members that the introduction of the new fish caused this problem. If it is felt that we need new fish stocks for Gunville, then these will be purchased over the winter 2018/9.

We are planning to improve the site even more this year and Mr Penman is at this time putting together a plan for the site with all the costings, for consideration by the Board.

Merstone site.

Siltexing of all the lakes at Merstone has taken place this year and this will reduce the silt levels and assist with the oxygen content of the lake water. 

Fish stocks of Tench, Bream, Ide and large Carp have been purchased this year and the membership is now benefiting from the better fish stock levels. Larger catches of silver fish and carp are being caught this year. We have had problems with someone altering or turning off the Aerators, This is an unacceptable practice as these have been installed to increase oxygen levels and assist in maintaining our healthy fish stocks. Anyone caught doing this will have action taken against them by the board.

At this present time the stages on Kingfisher are being repaired, banks strengthened, trees on the island being cut and the Car park is being resurfaced because car park conditions were unacceptable this year, we hope to see the benefit of the car park work next winter. A secure cupboard has been constructed in the toilet for brushes and chemicals used in the cleaning of the toilet. Problems have been experienced in the toilet this year, as some members, guests or day ticket holders have left them in a disgusting state. We have highlighted this fact and it now seems to have abated for the time being. 

Members are reporting better than ever catches of all types of fish from Kingfisher and it is hoped that with the new large Carp that the catches from Heron will also improve as the weather gets warmer

Holliers site.

Holliers still remains a relative virgin fishery but some large fish have been caught. We have had problems with cormorants over the winter but now we are trying to get this under control. Fish stocks have been purchased and these will be delivered in October this year. The dipping pond is in need of some work and the board has applied for a grant from the EA/Angling trust to assist with this. Siltexing has also taken place at Holliers to improve the water quality for our fish stocks and reduce silt levels. The driveway needs some work with the filling of pot holes and this will take place this year.

To try and encourage more anglers to go to Holliers in winter we lifted the one rod ban to allow two rods. This has reverted to one rod again at the end of April.


The board has commissioned a new website that we now own so we will hopefully have no more problems with the site crashing. Any member with ideas of how to improve the website please submit them to the board via email.

Work parties have not been as successful, as we would have hoped with the £15 membership reduction, so this will not be the case for the forthcoming year. 

Lets hope the club keeps moving forward for the future for the benefit of us all and those still yet to join. This Board is one that is totally committed to keep improving all our facilties for the benefit and enjoyment of all our members in the future. I have worked on a number of committees and believe this one, at this present time is working together and building good partnerships and I personally have total confidence in them. Finally may I say that the company is still looking forward to the future and is investing for the future success of our sites for years to come.