Wednesday 13th June 2018

Match Results

  1. Cliff Carbis  55-15-0  Kingfisher Lake Peg 3
  2. Brian Stean 49-15-0  Kingfisher Lake Peg 5
  3. Sean Strand 49-07-0 Kingfisher Lake Peg 11
  4. Chalkie White 31-09-0 kingfisher Lake Peg 7

Nine Anglers fished bringing in a total of 306lb of silvers mostly bream

Company Newsletter 2017

The board of Directors has been working tirelessly to improve the fishing for all our members, and judging by some of the emails and phone calls I receive the majority of members are happy.
Attached on the back of your renewal form is another questionnaire, please take the time to fill it out as it helps us with some of our decisions for future improvements.

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