Wednesday 13th June 2018

Match Results

  1. Cliff Carbis  55-15-0  Kingfisher Lake Peg 3
  2. Brian Stean 49-15-0  Kingfisher Lake Peg 5
  3. Sean Strand 49-07-0 Kingfisher Lake Peg 11
  4. Chalkie White 31-09-0 kingfisher Lake Peg 7

Nine Anglers fished bringing in a total of 306lb of silvers mostly bream

Banning the use of Magic Twig from OMC

Use of Magic Twig OMC

The Board have decided to ban the use of magic twig from the tackle company OMC on all club waters.

There are concerns that fish could potentially get snagged up and tethered with this product.

Bailiffs will carry out regular rig checks, so please don’t be offended if asked to reel in.

Many thanks

The Board of Directors