Isle of Wight Freshwater Angling Company Limited.
Holliers Lakes Complex  rules and notes to be enforced  to enable effective management for the benefit of all of our members which will be reviewed on a regular basis and amended as and when agreed by the board.

  1. Only Old Lake and New Lake are to be fished
  2. The fishery will be open from dawn to dusk only. No traffic to use the access lane between the hours of 10pm – 5am
  3. No night fishing, bait boats or overnight camping permitted.
  4. Strictly Members and Guests only. No day tickets.
  5. Due to the Lily Pads and in the interest of the safety of the fish anglers will only be allowed to fish One rod and reel or pole at any one time   during the periods as displayed on the Notice Board at other times only Two rods will be permitted.
  6. No bank sticks, umbrella spikes etc are to be driven into the stone based platforms.
  7. Members are requested to use a suitable landing net at all times and have available an unhooking mat to protect and respect the fish.