Isle of Wight Freshwater Angling Company Limited.
Holliers Lakes Complex Proposed rules and notes to be enforced during the initial opening period to enable effective management for the benefit of all of our members which will be reviewed on a regular basis and amended as and when agreed by the board.

1.The opening date is June 16th 2017.

2.Only Old Lake and New Lake are to be fished.

3.The fishery will be open from dawn to dusk only. No traffic to use the access lane between 10pm – 5am.

4.No night fishing, bait boats or overnight camping permitted.

5.Strictly Members only. No day or guest tickets.

6.No keep nets permitted. Competitions are not scheduled until October 2017.

7.Anglers will only be allowed to fish one rod and reel or pole at any one time. Others may be made up ready.

8.Members are requested to adhere to the 10 MPH speed limit on entering the RIGHT HAND shared lane leading to the site and to only park in the designated areas.

9.Exiting onto the main road shall be by way of LEFT TURN ONLY.

10.Members are requested to use a suitable landing net at all times and have available an unhooking mat to protect and respect the fish.
We ask politely but cannot enforce that during the initial opening period members who are able to fish during the week do so. Thus allowing those other members availability at the weekends.

Thanking you all in advance,

Jeff Arnold on behalf of the Board of Directors. Contact 07517656535